I Want A sculpture and a Zine!




MA Thesis, April 2017



What strategies do artists have for presenting publishing in the gallery? This research employs four distinct forms; interview, anecdote, review and report, to investigate spaces and practices that already exist, and speculative future scenarios for those engaged with framing publishing as art practice.


I Want a Sculpture and a Zine! sets up a problematic; how to define and exhibit complex practices operating across several mediums and durations. Sculpture and publishing invite different modes of encounter, the protracted engagement some publishing requires goes against art institutional time. What strategies must be sought to  slow down or disrupt the pace of engagement?


The nine texts that comprise I Want a Sculpture and a Zine! Move between time and practices, from a visit to Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam to an interview with Maria Lanari about her large scale intervention into the Stedelijk library, Moving, Thinking (2015). The text also reflect on scenes of publishing and distribution in cinema, as well as anecdotal accounts of visiting or participating in exhibitions  attempting to present or omit the printed word. The writing project acknowledges a larger thread running through my time at the Piet Zwart Institute, from an unrealised self-initiated research project Places Where Books Are; a survey of different locations where books gather, both public and private: libraries, bookshelves, bookshops, depots, waiting rooms. To research from seminars, talks and conversations  such as Florian Cramer’s seminar on poetics, the work of Alex Martinis Roe, conversations with Johanna Drucker and many others. ‘Notes for practice’ are offered in response to the writing. These take the informal mode of notes, and make a space to reflect on how my research can be worked into my practice.


The writing project reflects a long standing fascination with artists’ publishing, and has created an approach to, and form of research that I intend to continue. What’s at stake in my own practice is the already existing project, the Nomadic Reading Room, which will be re-named, re-framed and re-imagined through these writings and presented as the graduate project.


These eight thousand words provide a space to re-frame my practice, to research, form opinions and produce speculative future scenarios towards creating my own strategies, for how to have both.