I Don't Want to Talk;

Understanding the Swedish Perspective on History Creation Through the ABBA Museum


Is a short play written with Daniel Tuomey for the event I Broke The Ice And Found A Bread

at Tensta Konsthall in November 2016, as part of Bernd Krauss Strictly Educational Stocksund Explorer  thematic seminar at Piet Zwart Institute.

Original Cast, performed at Tensta Konsthall. Left to Right, Anni Puolakka as Agnathe, Jan Verwoert as Benny, Bernd Krauss as Bjorn and Ash Kilmartin as Frida. 

Re-staged for Two Yeahs Radio, Piet Zwart Institute. Cast left to right, Ash Kilmartin as Frida, Bernd Krauss as Bjorn, Angelica Falkeling as Agnathe and Kieran Clayton Milne as Benny.